Biodiesel 2nd generation

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Chemoprojekt - Technoexport, SPL, Biodiesel plant, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
Chemoprojekt - Technoexport, Biodiesel plant, Preol, Lovosice, Czech Republic

Design, construction and deliveries of biodiesel plants

Production of biodiesel in own 100.000-ton annual capacity plant

Processing of used cooking oils (UCO)


Preol, Meroko, SETUZA


Chemoprojekt - Technoexport, a. s.

Chemoprojekt - Technoexport, a. s.


Specializing in the chemical, oil & gas, water and renewable energy industry and based on its extensive experience Chemoprojekt - Technoexport, a.s. offers:

  • Realization of E, EP, EPC, EPCm, EPCf or turn key projects.
  • Contracting of complete investments units for export, technologies and equipment, including spare parts. Years of knowhow and successful realizations of industrial units in the Middle East.
  • Services in the organic and inorganic chemistry sector, petrochemistry, crude oil refining, natural gas processing, biofuels 2nd generation, power generation, water treatment and environmental protection.
  • Turn-key deliveries of breweries.
  • Project management:
    • Study
    • Basic Design
    • Detail Design
    • Procurement
    • Inspection
    • Expediting
    • Assembly
    • Supervisions and start-up activities


  • Atmospheric and vacuum distillation units
  • Light distillates HDS
  • Gas oil HDS
  • Isomerization (hydroisomerization)
  • Asphalt blowing unit
  • Amine treatment unit
  • Gas separation (especially LPG), (Sofregas)
  • Biodiesel
  • Sulphur unit (Clause process)
  • Metering stations
  • Incineration plants (industrial and municipality solid waste incineration)
  • Breweries, malt house
SPL a.s.

SPL a.s.


Together with operating its own 2x5 MW photovoltaic power plants, SPL focuses on further advancement of know-how in the area of solar renewable sources. These efforts are primarily aimed at reaching the most efficient operational parameters of today´s standard photovoltaic power plants as well as contributing to the development of new solar systems.

  • Operation management
  • Maintenance services
  • Recycling
  • Research and development