Biodiesel 2nd generation

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Chemoprojekt, SPL, Biodiesel plant, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
Chemoprojekt, Biodiesel plant, Preol, Lovosice, Czech Republic

Design, construction and deliveries of biodiesel plants

Production of biodiesel in own 100.000-ton annual capacity plant

Processing of used cooking oils (UCO)


Preol, Meroko, SETUZA


SPL a.s.

SPL a.s.


Together with operating its own 2x5 MW photovoltaic power plants, SPL focuses on further advancement of know-how in the area of solar renewable sources. These efforts are primarily aimed at reaching the most efficient operational parameters of today´s standard photovoltaic power plants as well as contributing to the development of new solar systems.

  • Operation management
  • Maintenance services
  • Recycling
  • Research and development
Chemoprojekt, a. s.

Chemoprojekt, a. s.


Based on its extensive experience in the chemical industry sector, particularly chemical engineering and technology, Chemoprojekt, a.s. offers services in the organic and inorganic chemistry sector, petrochemistry, crude oil refining, natural gas processing, power generation, water treatment and environmental protection for more than half a century.

  • Realization of E, EP, EPC or turn key projects
  • Project management:
    • Study
    • Basic Design
    • Detail Design
    • Procurement
    • Inspection
    • Expediting
    • Supervisions and start-up activities