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Chemoprojekt, AQUATIS, CH Projekt Plzeň, Crude Distillation Unit & LPG Unit No. 4, Basrah refinery, Iraq, 2022
Chemoprojekt, Drying Unit CaCl2 – EPC, Neštěmice, Czech Republic, 2021
VUAB Pharma, Production of cytostatic substances, VUAB Pharma API plant, Brno, Czech Republic
AQUATIS, Completion of the reconstruction of the Boskovice Dam, Czech Republic, 2020
CH Projekt Plzeň, Replacement of a cooling system, Synthos Kralupy, Czech Republic, 2021
SPL, Photovoltaic power plants 2x5 MW, Letkov, Czech Republic
KORUNA PALACE MANAGEMENT, Palace Koruna, Prague, Czech Republic
Chemoprojekt, SPL, Biodiesel plant, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic
IDO HUTNÝ PROJEKT, EPC contract: air cooler installation, Slovnaft, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2021
AQUATIS, Innovation and modernization of two lock chambers, Gabčíkovo Water Works, Slovakia, 2023
FUTURAMA ASSETS, Futurama Business Park, Prague, Czech Republic
LUKA ENERGY, 1 930 kW hydro plant ŽUTA STENA, Serbia, 2023
Commercial building, offices of the company Chemoprojekt, Prague, Czech Republic
Chemoprojekt, Turn-key project Brewery Raya, Ethiopia, 2016
AQUATIS, Reconstruction of SHPP Šance, Czech Republic, 2021
Chemoprojekt, Biodiesel plant, Preol, Lovosice, Czech Republic
Cubus Office Building, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Safichem group

SAFICHEM GROUP is a leading industrial group of companies focused on a selected variety of high added value business areas of complex engineering, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, renewable resources and asset management.

Research and development of promising new technologies and products represent and integral part of the Group.

Each business area gives full priority to solutions of environmental safety and ESG in complexity.

Our focus

Asset management

Asset management in the area of own industrial, commercial and residential real estate and alternative investments.

SAFICHEM GROUP AG is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The Group’s companies have an international reach and altogether directly employ 660 highly-skilled workers.

While the Group’s business areas are interconnected, they also cover a diverse set of sectors. This diversification results in a strong financial platform that strengthens the Group’s sustainability and encourages future development.

Tödistrasse 16
8002 Zurich
The Swiss Confederation
ID number: CHE-105.269.567

SAFICHEM GROUP companies create a unique network of synergetic relationships, not only in terms of cost savings and commercial activities, but more importantly of technological development, complex processes know-how, and research and development. The depth and magnitude of these synergies allow the Group to maintain within its core business areas a significant competitive advantage over other market participants.